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Cardamom Essential Oil

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Cardamom is called the "queen of all spices" and rightfully so. It has been used for thousands of years and has tremendous health benefits. Maybe we can call cardamom essential oil the queen of all essential oils too?! Either way, here's a quick bio on cardamom essential oil.

cardamom essential oil

Quick Glance at Cardamom Essential Oil
Pros: Cardamom oil is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antimicrobial.
Cons: Cardamom is the third most expensive spice which means this essential oil can be expensive.
Precautions: Seek medical advice if you are pregnant or plan to use the oil on little kids.

Properties of Cardamom Essential Oil

(a) Name: Cardamom's botanical name is Elettaria cardamomum.
The cardamom we are talking about here is green cardamom. There is also a black variation (botanical name: Amomum subulatum) but this is inferior. I have never seen black cardamom on sale. However, be sure to double check the botanical name before you purchase.
(b) Color & Smell: This essential oil has a clear to pale yellow color. And it has a sweet, woody smell.
(c) Components: The main compounds in cardamom oil are eucalyptol (which makes up 40% of the oil), alpha-terpinyl acetate (30%), and limonene (2%), terpinene (3%). Alpha-pinene and geraniol have also been found in this oil.
You should know eucalyptol is also the main component of other popular oils like eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree essential oils.

Benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom seeds are really good for you. So it should come as no surprise that cardamom essential oil has some exceptional benefits. Here are just some of these benefits.

1. Cardamom essential oil fights cancer
anticancer badge
Cardamom seeds are potent anti-cancer foods. And cardamom essential oil is no different. Studies show cardamom oil prevents inflammation, stops tumor cells from becoming malignant, and stops cancer cells from growing and spreading. That's why the spice and the oil are great for holistic cancer prevention.

2. It fights inflammation
anti-inflammatory badge
There are many studies (including the one mentioned above) that show cardamom oil is very effective against inflammation. And it is eucalyptol, beta-pinene and geraniol that are responsible for this anti-inflammatory activity.

3. Cardamom can relax you
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Cardamom oil - like cardamom seeds - are antispasmodic. That means it suppresses muscle spasms by relaxing tense, nervous muscles. Suppressing muscle spasms also helps with calming digestion and irritable bowel syndrome.

4. It kills bacteria
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There was one interesting study that tested 13 essential oils on bacteria. Bergamot, cardamom, lemongrass, peppermint and tea tree oils were among those 13. The results showed cardamom was among the top three most potent antibacterial oil. The other two were tea tree and juniper leaf. And eucalyptol was the effective antibacterial compound.

5. It kills fungi too
Cardamom essential oil is known to inhibit fungal growth.

6. And bugs
insecticide badge
Quite a few studies have demonstrated cardamom's insecticidal properties. It kills adult insects (like beetles and moths), reduces larval survival and stops eggs from hatching.
It also is an effective contact poison, meaning insects will die on contact with cardamom oil. That makes it a really powerful insecticide.

Uses of Cardamom Essential Oil

You can use cardamom like any other essential oil. Add a few drops to your vaporizer to relax you and calm your muscles.
Add a few drops to carrier oils for massage onto your skin. You can use this mix to relieve any inflammation or skin redness you may have. But remember, if it's the first time you are using the oil, always test it first to see if you are allergic.
You should also check with their doctor before using cardamom oil if you are pregnant or planning to use it on a young child.

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