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Is Grapeseed Oil Good For You?

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Is Grapeseed Oil Good For You?

Ask the Diva: Grapeseed Oil

Q. On your podcast about canola oil you said it was produced using a certain strain of grapeseed essential oil. I have perused that grapeseed is the best oil one can utilize. Is it as sound or healthier than canola? I'm confounded!
A. Canola oil is produced using a strain of rapeseed oil, not grapeseed oil. I can perceive how you may have been befuddled! Grapeseed oil has a higher smoking point than canola or olive oil. That settles on it a decent decision for sautéing or mix singing.

You get more heart-sound monounsaturated fats from canola and olive oils, however. Likewise, on the grounds that grapeseed oil is basically polyunsaturated fats, it can go foul more rapidly than canola or olive oil. To keep your grapeseed oil crisp, keep it in the ice chest.

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