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Tips for Eliminating Fish Oil Burps

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Tips for Eliminating Fish Oil Burps:

Q. I have been taking krill oil because most fish oil supplements have a bad aftertaste. Is there a good fish oil that doesn’t give you fish burps? Alternatively, are there any good non-seafood sources of omega-3s?

A. Some people seem to have more trouble with this than others. Some claim that keeping the fish oil supplements in the freezer helps reduce burping (and it wouldn’t affect absorption of the omega-3s). Taking your supplement with meals might also reduce fishy burps.

There are also some “burp-less” brands, which use a coated capsule that doesn’t dissolve until it is further along in the digestive tract. The brand I take includes a tiny bit of natural lemon oil—and that seems to solve the problem for me. You might pay a bit more for a burp-less fish oil but, as I discussed in my episode on Krill vs. Fish Oil, even the most expensive brands of fish oil are quite a bit cheaper than krill.

And for more on non-seafood sources, check out my episode on flax seed as well as the one on fish oil and omega-3s.

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