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5 Gym-Free Tips for an Instantly Better Bikini Body

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Read: 5 Gym-Free Tips for an Instantly Better Bikini Body:

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In case you hadn’t noticed, summer is in full swing. But if you are still a bit nervous about baring your body at the beach, no need to worry – there are still plenty of sunny days left, and you don’t need to start a multi-month workout program to enjoy them.
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Instead, in this episode, you’re going to get five quick and dirty, gym-free tips to make sure you’re instantly looking your best when you hit the beach.
Of course, I’ve delved into swimsuit season in other episodes, including 5 Exercises to Get You Into Swimsuit Shape—Fast! and 5 Tips to Get the Perfect Beach Body. But when it comes looking good in a bikini, there are specific exercises, workouts, and tricks you can use for when you want to feel confident showing a bit more skin.
So in this episode, we’re going to delve into the art and science of how to get a better bikini body, without spending lots of time in the gym. (And guys, in case you’re feeling left out, simply forward this to the lady in your life. She’ll thank you later.)

Get A Healthy Tan

One trick I learned back when I was a bodybuilder is that darker skin brings out muscle tone and curves far more dramatically than lighter skin. But there can be pretty serious risks to spending lots of time out in the sun or in a tanning booth, and tanning lotions and creams may also come with their own set of chemical-based health issues.
So instead, you can naturally get better skin-baring color by following the type of tips I talk about in my recent podcast episode, “What’s the Healthiest Way To Tan," including spending 20-30 minutes under infrared lightbulbs before bed, eating a high amount of dark skinned vegetables, and using a completely natural tanning lotion that has ingredients like Vitamin A, E and C, along with natural antioxidants and skin protectants, such as astaxanthin.

Sit Up Straight

Sit up straight, just like your mom used to tell you. And while you're at it, stand up straight, too. By pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head up, you’ll look more confident in your bikini, and this will also help to pull your stomach in and improve the natural curvature of your back.
One hidden posture killer is shallow chest breathing--instead of deep diaphragmatic breathing--so check out my “How To Breathe The Right Way” episode and begin incorporating those tips both on and off the beach. And if you are going to include one exercise at the gym to help with posture, then make it seated rows.


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