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Soften Dog Paws with Melaleuca Essential Oil

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How to soften Dog Paws with Melaleuca Essential Oil

We are well into Dog Week here at Curly Loves Essential Oils! This post is simple! Let's get to it!

Oh those paw pads! They can be so dry and scratchy! Soothe your pooch's cracked dry paw pads with this SUPER easy treatment!

Here's what you'll need:

Here's what you'll do:
  • Each night, drip one drop of melaleuca essential oil onto your finger and rub onto your dog's paw pads. Repeat this step for each foot.
  • Repeat nightly until pads are softer.
  • DO NOT OVER OIL! It's important to leave some roughness to allow your doggy some comfort when walking on cement and hard surfaces. So be sure to discontinue this regiment once your dog's paw pads are soft...but still a bit rough.

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