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DIY Lavender Water : Let's make your own

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DIY Lavender Water: Make your own

Make your own lavender water recipe and instructions
{Make your own Lavender Water © ShannonSorensen} 
If you've never made one thing I've taught you, you need to make this. It will change your life! And I'm not just being overly dramatic.

Going to the lavender farm on San Juan Island was a life-long dream of mine. And boy, oh boy was it worth the wait.

The gentle scent of lavender is one of the most soothing smells there is. It's like a summery breeze that sweeps over you as it lifts and carries your worries away. (Sigh)

Making your own Lavender Water is incredibly easy, and only takes a few ingredients. It not only smells dreamy, it has health benefits as well (see below). And as I always say, if it's simple enough for me to make, you can certainly do it!

How to Make Lavender Water 

  • Distilled water (do not use tap water unless you boil and cool it first)
  • Essential Lavender Oil
  • Witch Hazel (ethyl alcohol, isopropyl or vodka) *acts as an emulsifier & helps spray dry faster
  • Measuring cup & spoon
  • Funnel
  • Spray Bottle
easy to make lavender water tutorial
{Easy Lavender Water Tutorial  © ShannonSorensen}

  • Pour 2 cups distilled water through funnel, into a jar or directly into your spray bottle.
  • Drop 16 drops of lavender essential oil into the distilled water (1 oz. oil to 1 oz. water)
  • Add 2 Tbsp Witch Hazel (or other emulsifier listed above)
  • Shake before each use
Your lavender water is ready to use!

Benefits / Uses of Lavender Water

  • Induces relaxation and helps ease anxiety
  • Spritz your sheets at night to sleep better! Lavender lowers heart rate & blood pressure, promoting relaxation
  • Freshen the house, linens, closets, hampers, and more
  • Spray on beds, sheets and pillow cases to keep dust mites away
  • Use when ironing fabrics for that extra fresh scent
  • Spritz baby's crib before nap time
  • Use it as an air freshener near a baby's hamper
  • As a natural anti-inflammatory, spritz your skin, pillow cases and linens to help reduce itching, swelling or red skin (do a spot test to make sure you skin's not too sensitive)
  • Calms nerves, lowers stress and anxiey
  • Can ease breathing with colds and stuffed sinuses (*try steam treatment with lavender water)
  • Soothes sunburns, scrapes and bug bites with a few spritzes
  • Heat lavender water for a soothing foot soak
  • Keep in the fridge and spritz on a hot day to refresh and cool yourself down
  • Dip a soft washcloth in lavender water & use as a cool or warm compress to relieve headaches
  • Spritz yourself before going outdoors to repell insects!
  • Can increase the effectiveness of other relaxants for insomnia, anxiety and depressants (see doctor)
  • Spray household surfaces as a disinfectant
  • Add lavender oil directly to bathwater to improve mood and promote circulation
  • Add lavender oil to laundry rinse water to freshen clothes

It's safe to say I have sprayed just about everything that is spray-able in our house with lavender water! It smells so fresh and clean, and really is calming. I spritz our bed every night and I swear I've been sleeping better. It just makes you feel so much more calm and peaceful.

In a burst of enthusiasm, I asked my husband if it would be okay to spray our "under-clothes" with lavender but he wasn't so keen riding from his office to the car in a shuttle full of men, while smelling like lavender. I don't blame him. ha!
Uses and benefits of lavender water
{Lavender Farm San Juan Island © ShannonSorensen}

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