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The best essential oils for your great hair growth

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It is normal for the average person to lose about 100 hairs per day. When the hair that falls out does not grow back, thinning hair results. Hair loss affects men, women and children, and can be caused by a variety of factors, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. These factors include recent surgery, hormonal changes, medicine, physical and emotional stress and fungal infections. Although there are numerous prescription and over-the-counter treatments, essential oils can encourage hair growth.

Jojoba Oil

According to the Taurina Oils website, jojoba oil is one of the best essential oils for hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. It can help strengthen the hair shafts, preventing breakage and hair malnutrition that can cause the follicles to stop producing hair. It can be used with any skin and hair type, making it a useful treatment for a wide variety of people.
Wash and towel dry your hair, massage a small amount--about the size of a nickel for short hair and about the size of a quarter for longer hair--of jojoba oil through your hair and leave it for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.


Burdock oil can be an effective remedy for thinning hair, according to the Taurina Oils website. This oil nourishes the scalp and promotes stronger hair. It may also stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp, delivering nutrients needed by the hair follicles. The increased blood flow is thought to stimulate the production of hair cells, which may help reverse the effects of hair loss.
Massage burdock oil into damp hair, making sure that the oil reaches the scalp. Leave the oil in your hair for 30 minutes to one hour and rinse.

Rosemary and Clary Sage Oils

Both rosemary and clary sage oils can promote hair health, but when used together, they become an effective stimulant for hair growth, according to the Taurina Oils website.

Boil about one ounce each of dried rosemary and clary sage in a cup of water and strain the herbs to release the oils into the water. You can also add peach leaf, burdock and nettle.

Let the liquid cool and wash your hair with it.

You can also boil clary sage and jojoba together and use the liquid as a wash to promote hair growth.

Other Essential Oils

There are several other essential oils you can use to slow or reverse hair loss, or to strengthen the hair you have left. Lemon and grapefruit oils, for example, are effective clarifiers--they can help remove residues from shampoos and conditioners, as well as oils and toxins. Peppermint oil improves blood flow to the scalp, helps nourish dry hair, and is good for hair that is thinning or grows slowly. Tea tree oil is a good moisturizer, and can help combat dandruff.

Other good essential oils for hair growth include basil, lavender and bay leaf oils.


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